Screen-Reader and Keyboard

Navigation Accessibility Powered by AI

Revolutionizing the web accessibility industry using machine learning technologies

POWERING THE WORLD'S LEADING BRANDS's AI is responsible for handling the most challenging aspects of web accessibility - 

screen-reader and keyboard navigation adjustments for the blind and the motor impaired. 

Prior to accessiBe, these could only be achieved manually.


Contextual Understanding 

AI Technology

Small Call to Action We, humans, know that a certain element is a button or some layout is a menu, because of past experiences, context, and visual cues. We don't care how It's coded, we care what it looks like. AI applies the same "thinking" process as it analyzes a site - it visually matches the website's elements and behaviors to millions of other encounters it had prior, to learn from context - what do they actually do, and what is their purpose on the page.

"When I saw I almost started to cry. I texted a co-worker after midnight about the possibility of finally achieving ADA compliance."

Frank K

G2 Crowd


Image Recognition and OCR AI 

technologies scans all images of the site and if they lack alternative text (Alt tags), it will extract the embedded text using OCR, and learn the objects that comprise the image using IRIS.  

Then, will automatically provide accurate an elaborate alternative text to any of these images, when a blind user with a screen-reader enters the site.

" has lead to a huge reduction in developer costs. It saved my team so much time."

Peggy D

G2 Crowd


Maintaining compliance 24/7 with daily scans and analyses

Prior to, maintaining compliance was an even bigger challenge than achieving it. Every update a site undergoes - every popup, form, menu item, blog post, image or product added or edited without manually ensuring compliance, would have introduced an accessibility hole. And In just a few updates, compliance is completely broken. AI re-scans every page of every site at a minimum rate of once every 24 hours, ensuring new updates are being remediated to compliance instantly.

"Look no further, I don't usually even write reviews but I just had to give a good word about these guys. The service is outstanding."

Hannah W

G2 Crowd


The effortless process of

becoming compliant with us


AI Applications for Web Accessibility

Some of the most common website elements are also the biggest 

challenges to make accessible. Learn how our AI solves this!

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